A whole new way

of making contacts

Acquainted makes contact details directly digital. Create ACards, instantly exchange cross-platform. Integrate with your company CRM. Did we mention that it’s also app-independent? 


Any changes made to your Acard are instantly visible to all your connected contacts. No more manual updates.


Acquainted is built to keep various memory cues, such as when and where you met, notes or tags. Everything is searchable.


The proximity scanner shows nearby Acquainted users. Swap Acards with one tap.


All the data you place in Acquainted is encrypted and backed-up and you decide what you share and with whom.

Cutting-edge radar:

Cross-platform proximity.

Our in-app technology allows you to instantly exchange contact details with people in your field of vision, regardless of what mobile platform they’re using, without showing you people 30 floors above you like GPS would.

Here’s to all the corporates

Our system allows for on the fly CRM management. By integrating our B2B solution, a company can keep a dynamic record of contacts accumulated by employees, reducing the friction changing people.

Did we mention that it’s app-independent?

Most tech startups fail because their systems only work in the ideal world in which everyone is a user. We’re build to scale: meaning you can also exchange your contact details with people that don’t necessarily have Acquainted installed.

The Acquainted App gives you access to our full set of user-oriented functionalities, including the famous “radar” feature. The app is available on both the App Store and on Google Play.
Because of our web-app, Acquainted users can exchange contact details with people who are not yet familiar with the Acquainted system. The web app is ready to exchange contacts within seconds of set-up. No downloads required.

Acquainted is live!

The platform that manages your contacts: From the first encounter, onwards.

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