Change the way you
get acquainted

Exchange contact details digitally with the people you get to know.
Swift. Private. Up-to-date.

The live address book for the people in business, for companies and events.

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A platform that manages your contacts. From the first encounter, onwards.

Nowadays, we use contact information digitally. We call and email from smartphones, tablets and computers, and use them interchangeably; we input addresses in map apps to go places, and whenever we want to reach someone or find a place, we will most probably use a digital tool. Then why do we still print contact details on paper cards? Isn’t it easier to gather, keep and use digital contact details?   How about getting them directly in your phone, ready to search for and readily updated, by their owners.   We created the means to exchange contact details directly in digital format. We are now introducing Acquainted – your digital contacts platform. A platform for connected contacts, where updates are made by one and seen by all.   The tool is here. It’s up to you to change the way you get acquainted!


Built for usefulness and convenience

One card

Is all you need to exchange contact information with as many people as you want. The Acard contains your contact information.Easy to create and share.

Always updated

Any changes you make to your Acard are instantly visible to all your connected contacts. And vice-versa.No need for sending messages around and for manual updates. No more obsolete contacts.

Powerful search

Find any contact and be found with ease.No more lost or misplaced contacts.Acquainted is built to keep various memory cues. Such as when and where you met, or previous contact information.Everything is searchable.

One place

For all your contacts. Bring them in when you meet. Add contacts from wherever you have them stored. Available anytime, from any device.

Swift contacts exchange

Getting Acquainted: exchange Acards, in proximity or at distance. The proximity scanner shows nearby Acquainted users. Swap Acards with one tap.Or, send your Acard via SMS, email or other electronic means, even outside Acquainted.

Secure and discreet

All the data you place in Acquainted is encrypted and backed-up.Acquainted is built to enable you to stay as private as you want. It is entirely up to you to decide what information you share and with whom.

Acquainted for businesses and events

Give them a modern tool to network and promote your brand

Custom branded Acards

Give them to all your employees to share and get connected. Get creative with the templates and the content to fit your brand, and use them for short term, tailored communication campaigns. Deployment throughout the whole organization is instant, and so is the visibility by all your employee’s networks.

Contacts management

All business contacts made by your employees with the company’s Acards are in one place, or as per your specific needs. Contacts cannot be lost or misplaced. Connected contacts are updated by their owners. Custom definition of contacts management rules for your company

Events Management

Acquainted can support events organizers with end-to-end management of attendees: Invite, register, confirm, follow-up. No manual data entry, no badge scanning. Moreover: The people that get acquainted during your event will have it as a memory cue of their acquaintance. And you will be giving them a tool to connect and network during and after your event

Mobile internal directory

All your employees, no matter where they are, will reach each other in Acquainted. Upon your specific needs and requirements, access rules can be defined.The platform can also host a mobile intranet page for you to communicate, post messages, templates.

Dynamic reporting & CRM

Live statistics of your company’s contacts and how your Acards are being used. Custom CRM integration and export in the formats you need.

Security and privacy

All data placed in Acquainted is encrypted and backed-up. Acquainted will not sell or otherwise use any of the information collected other than for statistics purposes.

Contact Acquainted to see how you can make it your own and get the best out of it.

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